shame diaries

SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET: the meaning of the idiom – a hidden shame.

Shame is the failure to meet our own personal standards.  Guilt is the failure to meet the standards of others.

We all have done things that have failed to meet our standards.  I have.
I find the silver lining of shame to be key – it encourages me to be a better person.  Just like regret motivates me to have courage.

What happens when a person shares their shame?  Do they no longer possess it?  If it becomes known, then logically it is no longer shame, because it is no longer hidden.  Then it may become embarrassment, but only if we let it.  Because shame is a personal failure, one that can only be determined by the self, the choice to no longer possess the embarrassment of known failure is left to the self.

The opposite of shame is honor.

I propose to release my shame and recover self-esteem.


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