Words – the stuff that is Written

You are in high school, walking down the hall to your locker to switch out the books in your backpack for the next set of classes.  You’re wondering why everyone stares at you while you’re walking.  You keep it cool, nod your head to people you barely know, say “hi” to those that you do know and ignore the rest.  But in your head, thoughts are racing, “Is it my hair?  I know I washed out all the conditioner.  I brushed my teeth.  Is there breakfast in my teeth?  Is there something on my face?”  And the thoughts continue with every possibility why the uncomfortable stares are directed at you.You then look down and see that you are naked from the waist down with the exception of shoes.  You did remember to put on a t-shirt and shoes, but that was all you put on.

You then position the notebook you have in your right hand in front of you, but make it look as though you’re not covering your downstairs area on purpose… making it look as though you naturally walk this way, and you purposely came to school half naked.

Then you think, “oh crap, everyone behind me can see my ass.”  So then you have to decide which is more important to cover up – the front or behind… you keep your folder covering your front, yes, coverup the front.  Who cares who sees my butt, it’s not like I’ve never mooned anyone before.  And then you open your eyes, look around and see that you’re in your bedroom, in your bed.  You quickly look at your body and see that you are wearing your PJs, lay back down and think if you just had a dream or was it a memory.  When you leave your house that day, you make sure you’re wearing pants.

Writing is much like the dream – writing exposes the author.  With all types of artistic expression, most viewers rely on the emotions and thoughts that are provoked within themselves to brave a connection or judgment.  With writing, the author has the capability of putting themselves in it, all around it, through it.  The writer may say that it has nothing to do with his/her life, but where do the thoughts come from?  Where are the descriptions coming from?  Everything comes from the writer and is given to the reader with words.  Words are the key element.

So this is the purpose of my writing.  I am daring to expose myself; sometimes I will give the public a half-naked display, sometimes I will be in full indecent exposure.  It is scary to put oneself out there, just as it is scary to love fully and whole-heartedly.  I am allowing myself to be vulnerable and open to this world, not knowing what will come to me – it may harm me, be embarrassing or damage my reputation, but it may be the best thing I have ever experienced.


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