who is ELLE?

I am constant evolution.  I evolve in not one gradual, escalating line, but in tangents across a four-dimensional platform of something that is undefinable.

Do not hold me to my name – I am nameless.
Do not put me in a box – I will never be confined.
Do not constrict me to labels, race and gender – I will disappoint you.

Acceptance and honesty,
Intensity and in the mind is how you will find me.

Love is the ultimate ingredient, let’s add this to everything we do, breathe and live.

Freedom from myself and acceptance of my self are the same to me.

The miracles in my life: eating dinner, sitting around the table with my family – no phones, no tv, just our faces to look at and our own conversation to listen to.  Falling asleep in the arms of an amazing person, breathing him in, allowing our vulnerabilities to unearth and holding him there when he is doing the exact same thing.  Being greeted with excitement and unconditional love and loyalty by my furry babies every time they hear my voice or know when I’m arriving home after a long, stressful day.  Spoken word.  Music.  Meaningful connections with human beings.  Eating Almond Joy knowing that it’s 220 calories.


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