let me tell you a story about a boy and a girl

story about boy and girlOnce upon a time, there was a man and woman that fell in love when they were kids.  As kids do, they separate and continue living their lives.  Nineteen years later they reconnect, and one thing is for sure – there was a reason they had each other in their hearts for so long.  There was a reason why they had always harbored a love for one another.  There was a reason they would reconnect at 35 years old and realize it is with each other they were meant to spend their lives with.

Before this man and woman traveled through this life in their flesh, they traveled as one in spirit.  God makes us this way.  He split their darkness, light, depth and love and placed them exactly where they needed to be and to whom they needed to be borne to.  The spirit of the boy was to be seasoned with a life of love, hardship, loneliness and fear, while the spirit of the girl was to be seasoned with a life of suffering, compassion, adversity and pain.

God saw the traveled paths of these two beings on Earth, but had faith that they would meet in this material world.  This faith brought them together in their youth.  The boy and girl locked eyes and heard each other’s voices.  There was an unexplainable connection, but being so young they didn’t understand.  They fell in love, but still needed to learn so much more in life before they could be ready for each other.  Although they parted paths, God still had faith in their spirit.

Their paths would cross multiple times throughout their young adulthood, but it was never at the right time.  The magnetic force of spirit would bring them together but their yearn to succumb to the earthly life would triumph.  God still had faith.

Their trials in life had brought them close to God.  The boy realized that with God as his rock, he will never waiver.  The girl realized that she was never alone, God was with her through all tribulations.

After living many years of life and experiencing many adversities of life, the man and woman connect again. God is the adhesive; it is He that adjoins the spirit of the man and woman.  It is He who makes them complete.

The connection you feel, it’s because of this.  I am the other half of your happiness.  I am the other half of your emptiness.  I am the unvoid to the void.  I stopped praying to God for many years, and yet I knew he continued to speak to me.  Finally I accepted my path, and prayed that I would “let God.”  Two weeks later I heard your voice and I smiled from my heart.  Thank you, God.